Monday, 23 January 2017

Working Hard

January has been a busy month already.  Students are continuing to work hard in the afternoons.

In health, we reviewed the 4 food groups and have been discussing how to use Canada's Food Guide.  Grade 3 students have looked into the differences between processed and unprocessed foods, while students in grade 4 are learning about serving sizes.  Did you know you can use common items such as, hockey pucks, baseballs, golf balls and erasers to help figure out how much a serving size is.

 Our students in grade 3 are still working on building structures out of straw and trying to make them strong enough to hold a book.  It is much more challenging than they thought it would be.  

Grade 4 students have discovered how to build a pulley and how it can help move a load. 

We have also started to learn about the elements of Drama.  We have discussed what makes a theatre drama unique or different from TV shows or movies we usually watch. 

A reminder that there is no school Monday, January 30th, as it is a PD Day.  

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